Halion Symphonic Orchestra Install

I have upgraded to Cubase 6 and have been trying to Install the new version of Halion Symphonic Orchestra. It seems to install fine but I keep getting the older version. I have updated my e-licsener but still no luck.
Any suggestions?

To add, I have now tried to reinstall the new HSO as well as try a repair but still no luck in getting it to open. In checking the Read Me it mentioned that I could use my same license key from my previouse version for this new version but I am not even be prompted for this number.
In the documents for the HSO it shows a new interface but I seem to only be able to access the old version.
Also, the older version on install created a desktop shortcut. The newer version did not.
Has anyone else had these issues?

The new HSO is a “sound set” which is accessible through the HalionSonic SE (HSSE) interface, it is not a separate interface like the old HSO, which you can also load side by side with HSSE. There is no stand-alone version of HSSE, it has to be called from within Cubase.

When you load the sound set I believe it checks your e-licenser and if it sees the old HSO license, then it lets you access the soundset with no further “activation” interaction from you.

Hope this helps.

Hello jlemme,

NorthWood MediaWorks is right, the new HALion Symphonic Orchestra VST Sound Content Set is loaded inside HALion Sonic SE. You might want to delete the old one. :slight_smile:

Thanks Robin and Carlos,
I have found the sound samples in Halion Sonic SE, however what is confusing me is I am only seeing about 110 sounds in the HSO library…was there not alot more in the previous version.
Also, in the documentation with the new HSO they show a new interface which I can not seem to access, I keep getting the HSSE keyboard. I am not 100% positive but I thought I saw a new interface for the HSO also on either the instruction DVD that came with Cubase 6 upgrade or possibly in a NAMM Show review.
I have been reading some other posts re the HSO library but have not quite figured out exactly how many sounds there should be…any thoughts?

Thanks again,

On a side note this forum is excellent in finding out other little goodies about this program. Thanks for your posts.

Found the interface I was looking for. My mistake, when the HSSE keyboard launched I did not realize you could switch between editor and player mode, thus showing alot more options and this new interface.

Still looking for all of the previous sounds.

As I mentioned before, you can also run the old plugin in C6, so effectively, you have two orchestras. Have a look
here, this thread may cast a little light on the subject. Remember, search is your friend! :wink: :slight_smile: