Halion Symphonic Orchestra License problem

Since i was using the trial, I can’t open one of my songs because the license blocks me.

the license is finished now i think, the free trial i mean.

but there’s only one instance of hso for a violin instrument in my project, and it was only for trying, im not even using it in the song.

now the whole project is jeopardized because of that!

what can i do??

its extremely insidious on steinberg’s part because you are forced to buy it.

Right now I’m forced to pay 100$ to get the license in order to open my song.


by the way i sent a request form on steinberg site but its closed till 4th of january…mmm…nice

but what about us professionals who have schedules and need our PAID FOR software to be working?

Firstly, it wasn’t very “professional” of you to inlcude trial software in an important project now, was it? :unamused:

Secondly, your “PAID-FOR” software is working; it’s your “NOT-PAID-FOR” software that’s not working.

Thirdly, if you’ve spent much time with Cubase at all you’ll know that you just have to uninstall any problematic plugin to be able to open the project, at which point you can then either remove the track that used it or send its output to a different VSTi.

Finally, it would be much more pleasant if you just stated your problem calmly so that the rest of us can offer help, rather than going on a rant and shouting about things not working when it’s clearly your own fault.

Happy New Year.