Halion Symphonic Orchestra missing in copied projects

Sorry if this is in the wrong category.

I am on iMac, OSX Sierra, Cubase 9.
I just started using Halion Symphonic Orchestra. Beefing up MIDI files from a multipart piece exported from Finale.

I use strings and most other instruments from Kontakt 5 but Vibes from Halion Symphonic Orchestra (HSO).

Multipart piece, so I thought I would make a template from the first movement and use it for the other 10+ movements with same orchestration.
But no matter how I copy, duplicate or make a template of, my original first movement, as soon as I open a copy of the .cpr file Cubase tells me: Missing Link - for reasons I can’t figure out HSO doesn’t carry over in a template or new file. Kontakt 5 works fine.

Also, after I open a copied .cpr file that throws the error, close it and open the original file Cubase will crash. Nothing is lost and I can work around this but it will keep me from using HSO in larger projects. I really don’t want to set it up fresh in every project.



What version of HSO do you use? Do you use the old plug-in? Or do you use the VST Instrument Set (so the library) in HALion Sonic (HALion Sonic SE) 2/3 or HALion, please?

It looks like Halion 2. It was installed through HSO which I purchased recently.


Could you try it with HALion Sonic SE 3, please?