HALion Symphonic Orchestra presets volume level

Has anyone else encountered this (see .jpeg)? Upon initial loading of most of the symphonic presets (either in Halion 5 or Halion Sonic) the mod wheel on the right defaults to minimum (all the way down). That’s ordinarily no problem, but apparently the mod wheel on the right is set to control the volume. When I first started playing around with the presets, I thought that there was an installation problem because the presets were barely audible. Only after turning the right mod wheel up could I hear sound. I had to search on other forums for the answer to this dilemma . Granted, I’ve not read the entire owner’s manual so this issue might be in there somewhere.
mod wheel.jpg

This is by design for certain presets and described in the manual.

You can also change how HSO controls the volume if you don’t like it using the mod wheel.

Would anyone mind explaining how to do that? I looked through the manuals for Halion and Cubase and didn’t see anything about it. Thanks.

Firstly, you won’t find this information in either the Cubase or HALion manuals, but rather in the HSO manual, which you access by loading a HSO preset and clicking the “?” in the top-right corner. See page 14.

Are you asking how to control volume, or how to change how HSO controls volume? For those presets that are set up with the modulation wheel controlling expression (a.k.a. “volume”), you will have to assign something else, if not modulation, to control it, i.e. you can change which MIDI controller controls expression via the Options page, but something will have to control it, either way – that’s how these presets are designed.

If, on the other hand, you just want to lock the preset to maximum volume, just send a MIDI CC 1 with a value of 127 at the start of the MIDI track feeding HSO (use e.g. the List Editor in Cubase to do that).

Thanks for the response. I assumed this issue related to Halion or Cubase and not a specific sound set. I guess it helps to look through the manuals at least once.

The original product was a VSTi (now unsupported), and the manual for that was much better. I think the manual for the HSO Sound Instrument Set (the current version that loads into HALion/HSSE) is not very good, so it might still be worth downloading the manual for the older version:(old) VSTi HSO Manual

There are sections explaining why some presets require a controller for the dynamics (“crescendo”), and an entire section on how to approach recreating a score, but bear in mind there as other big differences between the older VSTi and the current HSO Sound Instrument Set.

got that same problem not so long ago. The best solution is to go trough each of the presets and adapt them to your personal preferences and save them as vstpreset. Quite a job, but once done that problem is gone. Things like changing the expressioncontroller (i choose to change it to velocity), some standard panning correction, adding some basis FX will make it much more intuitive and then you will note that this is actually a nice soundbank. If you’re into classic orchestration composing then the controller assignment to the modwheel is usefull (to get “expression”) but for me it was also not practicle to hear anything, certainly when those presets are only a part of a larger setup.

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