Halion Symphonic Orchestra-VSTPlugin

:unamused: :question: Hello, I have a problem with Halion Symphonic Orchestra when used in Cubase in the VST application, all instruments can be selected but only a few of them will actually sound, string ensemble, violins and some percussion, glockenspiel etc. the rest of the strings, brass and woodwind instruments will not play, there is no movement in the meters, yet in the “standalone” window all instrumentation has audio when selected. I have tried re-installing both Cubase Le5 and H.S.O but that hasn’t worked. Everything worked fine in Win. XP sp3 but since I upgraded to Win.7 I have had this problem and I have tried running them in “compatibility mode” to no avail, I would be most grateful if anyone has any suggestions that I could try to fix this problem!

Thank you, Chris P

Sounds like the mod wheel is at zero.

To SteveInChicago, Thanks for the tip only I don’t have the knowledge or expertise to follow it up but your suggestion has made me look on the internet for info on mod wheels and other controllers and how they work so that can’t be a bad thing, Thanks again, Chris P.

Oh, in that case I’ll add in some detail- I don’t have that exact library, so bear with me.

I figure there’s a virtual keyboard in the plugin interface, on the left there’re probably two wheels. One is pitch bend, the other is the mod(ulation) wheel. Adjust the mod wheel with the mouse to see if it raises the volume. This is a common use for it.

Maybe have a read of this?
No sound from HSO inside Cubase

[MrSoundman] I read your instructions regarding “No sound from HSO inside Cubase” with interest, I am running Cubase Le5 and this version does not have “VST Instruments - F11” in the drop down menu in “Devices” I could only access HSO by creating an Instrument track and then selecting it in the VST options, not available in the midi track menu–damn! What I have done is downloaded a trial version of Cubase 7 Elements which has the “VST Instruments” option and followed what you have laid out to the “letter”
AND I NOW HAVE A FULL SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA to choose from, What can I say except a huge “THANK YOU” !
MrSoundman Whatever Cubase version I upgrade to I’ll make sure it has the VST Instruments, once again, thank you for your “sound” advice in resolving this particular problem for me, Regards, Chris P

(P.S I did try HSO in both the Instrument and midi tracks in Cubase Elements 7 but with the same results as I had in Le5)

You’re welcome. Now enjoy! :smiley: