Halion Symphonic Orchestra... which is the vst instrument that runs it?

Hello folks,

A friend of mine is having trouble with Halion Symphonic Orchestra. He installed it and the soundbanks show in his computer, but the actual plugin that runs the sounds is nowhere to be found.
I’ve never used HSO, so I would assume that its soundbanks can be pulled up from Halion Sonic SE, but we don´t know how to pull those sound banks into Halion Sonic SE.

His plugin manager doesn’t show any VST Instrument resembling HSO. And we don´t know the name of the correct DLL so we can´t copy it to the VST Plugins folder.

My question is:

  1. Which VST is the correct one to pull the soundbanks from HSO? I think its maybe Halion Sonic 3 or Halion 6… ??
  2. How do you set it up if you already installed HSO’s soundbanks?

Thank you!

I use HSO for a couple of years.
HSO is a VST instrument of its own as well as a standalone program (if you install that too).
You would find it in the Steinberg folder in VST Rack or Track instruments in the folder "synth. It’s called Symphonic Orchestra.
On my computer it’s installed as a VST3 file, found on the C drive, prg.files/commonfilesVST3/Steinberg/Symphonic Orchestra
But you can also find it in Halion SE
Hope that helps

It also works in Halion or Halion Sonic.