HALion Symphonic Orchestra

On my elicenser I have a fully version of HALion symphonic Orchestra, however it does not show up on my instrument rack when I press F11. please help do I need to re-install or what :unamused: please help :astonished: I have Cubase 6.5
I have a PC Intel Pentium processor 1.73 ghz

Email - reggie777@gmail.com



You probably still have the previous install and not the one that is being promoted now. (the latter is very recent)
Look in Halion Sonic (SE).
You will find it there.
If you don’t see it right away, use the filters when you load a preset (bottom left corner of the preset load window).
Then you will see all the presets and with all tags.
The first section is categorie, and there you will find symhonic orchestra.

Symphonic orchestra is thus a soundbank for halion sonic. (any version)

What very recently has changed is that they also have made a standalone version of it. (it is actually more or less the same as halion sonic SE, but only with the symphonic presets, but you can use it now with other DAW’s too, and that was not possible in the past since sonic SE was only shipped with cubase) In the past it was a soundbank for other DAW’s only if you had the full versions of halion sonic.

If you want the standalone version, download the trial and install it.
Your license should work on this version too.
The trial is the same as the full version.
If it asks if you want to activate the trial license, choose “no”. Since you have a license allready installed, it should work.

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