HAlion Symphonic Orchestra

I Just took advantage of the Black Friday VST plug in sale. After installing HAlion Symphonic Orchestra, there are no instruments available in the Presets. There is only the preloaded Violloncelli A Combi instrument. I’m such a novice with Cubase 7.5.30 and all its VST stuff I just don’t no how to fix the problem.

Can anyone help please?

Have exactly the same issue. I’m on a mac and theres only one download, although several parts for windows users. There’s no instructions on what to do after installation (other than activation and registering, which I’ve done), so assume all the content is included in the one download for mac users. Just have the same single violin sound which is pre-loaded for some reason. The only instructions I can find are for the boxed DVD version which talks about installing content from DVD’s.

The DVD instructions say you will be advised that the computer will need to be restarted. It doesn’t do this for the download, but I tried a restart and this seems to have done the trick. Try a re-start. Hope that helps.

Its comforting to no that someone else is having the same problem, I thought perhaps it was my setup.

After looking into the download content, it does seems as if the instrument files are downloaded into ADDITIONAL CONTENT, VST SOUNDS folders, but I have restarted my machine, uninstalled, reinstalled both 32 bit and 64 bit versions, but still the PRESETS are not loaded.

I’m sure someone will give a solution soon.

Success!!! Yippeee
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