Halion Symphonic Orchestra

Hi, wondered if anyone can help?
I purchased HSO and activated it because I have a key for Cubase Artist 7.5.
I cannot seem to be able to see HSO on the instruments list. I have Mystic, prologue and spector but I thought the HSO would appear. Then I see that I need to have Halion Sonic to activate but this wasn’t clear when I purchased HSO. The following page in fact seems to be contradictory - I can use it as a standalone/I have to have Halion

I am confused. Naturally Steinberg customer services won’t refund. Do I have to purchase Halion SE to get Halion SO? Or can I try to access it within Cubase Artist.


Did you install it?

Hi, sorry for the delay. No, haven’t downloaded it yetbut that’s a job for next weekend. Thought it was all ready downloaded cubase artist but maybe there’s some content not downloaded. The Halion seemed to download but how to pull it up in cubase is a mystery.
Thanks again

Hi,just downloaded what you advised on the link but no Halion Sonic Orchestra. Not sure where to find it.

I removed the post with erroneous info.

It’s a VST plugin on its own, though its will also run in Halion Sonic SE. If you lost the file you downloaded when you made the purchase just go download the trial version at Steinberg.net.

Sorry I’m more confused than ever.
Back to my first query then, how do I find it on Cubase>? No VST instruments are listing Halion Sonic just prologee, mystic etc and I downloaded the latest version as you advised.
Can’t I have some valid advice on this forum. I paid for the product and haven’t been able to use or even see what I paid for. This is unreasonable surely?

Please can someone advise how I can use Halion Sonic Orchestra which I legally downloaded from the Cubase site>?

Thank you

Sounds like you activated the license but did not download the software. You can download the trial version at

If you still have trouble you’ll have to contact support through your My Steinberg account.