Halion symphonic orchestrata trial not loaded

Well it is not clear in Cubase if the basic soundset in HAlion SE is replaced by the (trial) Halion Symhonic orchestra VST sound instrument SET.
Nothing about it in the documents so far
The trial VSt symphonic soundset gives a path from the DVD …it seems to be outside the VST sound folder in the Cubase 6 folder
Must it be placed here the trial VST symphonic soundset in this folder? …it seems to logical, because the
No … it must be outside Cubase 6 folder
It seems that i must first make these folders…

The HSO VST sound instrument set does not replace the basic soundset of HalionSonic SE.

Yes. VST3 content is stored outside of the Cubase 6 folder.

The installer should install the set to the proper folder.

Solved… choose the Vst symphonic library in the media bay as a column and other soundbrowsers ( like the one in HAlion se itself for instance )
This is not good documented by Steinberg (I don’t have a good word for this
)and a nightmare for a new user who want try out the trial version of VST symphonic
Steinberg get my disrespect for this because it was my reason to buy Cubase 6.5 for this and takes me 3 days to find out with the help of friendly cubase users on this forum.