HALion Symphonic/Struggling with Keyswitches

I’m using the HALion Symphonic Instrument Set, but I’m struggling to find any way of keyswitching, other than on the keyboard itself. This is a problem, because, at the moment, I only have a 25 key controller, so lower register switches are a pain.

I try to screen switch in Cubase (either in the Expression Map list or on the VST HALion Symphonic window itself), but nothing happens.

I’ve also tried to set up an external controller to keyswitch, but no good there.

Is there a trick/alternative/anything …?

I seem to remember one of the tutorials showing this (both keyswitches as well as ext controllers).

I’m fascinated! Do you remember where these tutorials are?

Many thanks—Michael

Not in the studio ATM, but they might have been on Steinbergs Youtube Webpage. I also downloaded the SWA Complete Cubase 7 tutorials, but I’m not sure if they’re in that bundle.