halion symphonic suggestion

I love that halion symphonic matches up so well with dorico. Obviously the model for which is was meant. I’m not saying halion symphonic is outdated, but, for a few bucks more you can get philharmonik and it’s a massive library. Which is apples and oranges… I think Halion sounds amazing… I would still like to be able to put Halion Symphonic into Dorico, because it’s mated so perfectly. And I’m a bass player, I know with some tweaking those sounds can really come to life. And in fact were meant to be tweaked per needs. had you given any thought of maybe an upgrade price for Dorico Elements users, of $49.99 ? I’m one of those users who would pick it up immediately at that irresistible price to need/convenience Quotient… and I’m sure I’m not alone in that. :slight_smile: fine work ladies and gents. Amazing stuff