HALion Symphony Orchestra II

Hi All,
I just downloaded HSO. The Library Manager shows me I have the content but I can’t find the interface. There was only the one download option in the download assistant. I did use the key code to activate and it shows up in the eLicenser. Any thoughts?

Doesn’t it show up in your DAW as a vst3 plugin? Or alternatively as a library in HALion 6? Both work for me (my DAW: Cubase 11 Pro on Win10)

p.s. Your post tile says HALion Sympony Orchestra II - but is there a II ? I could only find the HALion Sympony Orchestra

Doesn’t show up in the DAW. (same, CB11 on W10)
Halion 6 will play the HSO library? I’ll have to look into that. Didn’t think that H6 would give you the same interface/parameter choices that HSO would for its own library.

The title is HSO II because HSO was already used. Guess they won’t let you repeat titles.

HSO is a HALion Sonic SE Library. It plays in all HALion SKUs. That is how you play it. The interface was created in HALion, so yea… HALion will show you the same Interface that you see in any discrete plugin. Pretty sure it uses HALion Sonic SE as a player, by default (HALion Sonic 3/HALion 6 are seperate purchases).