Halion Synphonic Orchestra & Neo Soul Keys - Cubase 11

Hi Forum,
hat to completely reinstalling Cubase 11, I was not able download my licensed copy of Halion Synphonic Orchestra & Neo Soul Keys from MySteinberg.

Are these still available for download somewhere?

Thanks for your help,

I assume they in the Steinberg Download Assistant ?

Yes, they are in the download manager and aeven visible in the Library Manager App. But are not visible in Cubase. That is what is driving me insane.

are they visible in Halion ?

All I have is Halion SE, but there I cannot find them.

should be visible in Halion SE too I would have thought ?

EDIT - your first question was about downloading ?

I assume you’ve downloaded them and registered them in the Library Manager (double click them) - you say 'visible - but you also say ‘visible in cubase’

Yes, that is what is driving me insane.

and you have licences for them on your elicenser ?

Yes, licenses are in place and valid.
In any event, I simply re-installed cubase and the machine from scratch.
Just re-installing Cubase did not help.
Now everything works fine. The instrument sets are in Halion

Thanks for staying with me on this.

no problem - wish it could have been sorted without such drastic action :+1: