Halion synth will not record

It’s in record mode, I have level, midi controller works great,sounds wonderful, BUT WILL NOT RECORD!!!. the weird thing is it worked before. When i go to plug-ins and scroll all the way to the right all boxes are checked, but the Halion says NO. Why???. can not see how to change that…have tried many things with no results…I have emailed a few people on the team, they will not get back to me. Have watched many tutorials, there is nothing about the problem I’m having…steve

Can you clarify if you are trying to record in the standalone synth or within a host?

I am having the same problem. Halion sonic SE. I create a new vst instrument for it, it creates a midi channel. Then I pull up halion sonic display and insert an instrument. Using the Mouse and the on screen keyboard, it will play sounds from all keys. It will also play out of my speakers on the digital interface and all level indicators show sound. However it will not record. It is connected to main out. I can’t seem to find an answer! Sorry, I am a bit of a green horn!

Thanks to anyone who can help!

Well! It is my bad for not understanding how the system triggers. I got the answer from another post. The mouse will trigger the keyboard on the Halion display but will not trigger a note that can be recorded. I must use an actual middi keyboard or use the virtual keyboard (Alt & K) and the computer keyboard to trigger a recordable note! So simple it was over my head. Thanks to the community any way!

The halion is with-in cubase, is that what you mean by a host?..I didn’t realize you had answered me. I just saw your response, LOL been about a month, thank you… by the way I have el 7 and yes this is with a midi controller. I hear it, sounds great, have good level, but will not record. .steve