Halion triggerpads in Cubase 8

How is it possible to get the Halion5 triggerpads chords into Cubase 8.
Cubase 8 has now chordpads …can i use this together with the trigger(chord)pads of HALion 5 ?

Well, i like to have the original chords programmed under the HALion5 triggerpads
I just bought Cubase 8 pro and it seems to be possible to drag a chord onto Halion Sonic Se triggerpad( Halion 5 too? ), but that 's the other way around.
With the chordpads in Cubase i don’t get the right voicings the same as for HAlion5.
I don’t see yet the quikest way to record a chord under the chordpad in Cubase : by mouse or midi keyboard …must experiment with the new chord pads in Cubase

Yes midi withthe keyboard assigns the chord to a chordpad, but i am now stuck with this two colored : pads remote range … can get it working–> get a message : this remote key is already in use
i only need more room on the keyboard to get the right chord, but this seems to be too complicated to figure this intuiatively out.

Is there a way to restore this chord pads to their default state ? …that should solve this for now?