Halion update 3.1.5 problems

Please tell me how to uninstall the Halion update 3.1.5. I am running Cubase 9.5 Elements and my system worked perfectly until installed this and now it a buggy mess! Every time I turn around it’s popping up with a box that says to please try to save your work and that it has encountered some error and is going to shut down. On to of that every time I start the program it tells me that I don’t have the proper license to launch Halion…I never had the full Halion, only the SE version that comes with Elements. I ran the maintenance in the E Licenser program as it says to but it did not help.

What ever they did in the update created more problems that is fixed, and funny part was I wasn’t having any issues with it.
Thanks for your help.


You did not specify your operating system…

If on Windows you can go to Settings>Apps & features>Programs and Features>View Installed Updates. Find the update and right click it to uninstall.

Regards :sunglasses: