Halion update

My updater software tells me this morning that what looks like the vst3 component of the Halion Sonic SE has a new version -

(On Monterey with Dorico I currently have

Is this valid info, please; and if so, how do I update it?

When I went to this page, I was asked to create a new account: of course I already have and use a Steinberg account.


No, to the best of my knowledge there is no new HALion Sonic SE update. When an update is available that we recommend, we will announce it (e.g. here on the forum, and on the blog), and you’ll be able to download it using Steinberg Download Assistant.

Thank you, Daniel

That is what I thought. I have sent feedback to the source.

This is what alerted me:

But - as you say - nothing in Steinberg Download Assistant