Halion user envelopes

Hi! Can I create few custom user envelopes in new fm synth to control as example

  1. user_env_1 → operator 1 ratio

  2. user_env_2 → operator 1 amp

  3. user_env_3 → operator 1 waveform

  4. user_env_4 → operator 2 ratio

  5. user_env_5 → operator 2 amp


Each operator has its own level and frequency envelopes, so there are up to 16 there, but the levels are the standard FM type (if you’re familiar with those).
It would be great if you could loop all of those - maybe that’s one for the suggestion box.

Then there are overall envelopes for amp, filter, pitch, and user.
If you click on the paintbrush or pencil icon you can draw in your own shapes for each of those.
There are also 48 factory shapes you can choose from, by clicking on the icon to the right of the
And you can also save your own user shapes you’ve made.

Hi Artem_X,
each “zone” (in this case the FM-zone) is featuring only one user-envelope , but you can:
a) use one of the other predefined envelopes (amp, filter, pitch) , if not used for anything else, instead.
b) add further envelopes, lfo’s, step-sequenzer to increase the amount of modulation sources. See here: Mono Envelope

best regards

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Sorry but now FM zone loses to old FM8-synth in terms of envelopes, where operators have their own amp envelope

To tell the truth, ideally I would like to use a modular or semi-modular synth from steinberg, like Grid from bitwig or Phaseplant from kilohearts, Steinberg has all the ingredients for it (hello marketing department! =) )

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All operators have their own amp (level) envelopes. But they’re not ‘user’ envelopes.
You, as the user, still have to program them though.

But yes - FM8 - as old as it is, is still really good.

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Can not find this feature. Can you show how to do it?
I create empty FM synth,
FM oscilator section opened by default,
I select operator 1 in matrix,
then click Envelope section,
Amp envelope page is opened by default,
by default mode sustain,
i change curve,
go back to FM oscilator section,
click operator 2 in matrix,
set it level to 100,
right click on operator 2 in matrix to make it solo,
I hear same amp envelope

Amp envelope is global for all operators?
If you mean Level ADSR (H-A-D1-D2-R) - I can not draw complex curves using this like in FM8

Like I said, the individual operator envelopes are standard DX7 type time/level envelopes.
You are only able to draw shapes (user type) for the global amp, filter, pitch, and user envelopes.

When you create an FM Zone, the op envelopes are shown under the ‘edit’, ‘zone’, ‘level’ tabs.
You click on each operator and adjust the envelope for it.
If they changed those envelopes, I don’t think you’d be able to import DX7 sounds.

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Kinda wished that they could offer both the user mseg type envelopes for every operator and the present ones as an option. Coming from fm8 you kinda miss those.

Oh and more user envelopes in the zone. Atleast 2 more. 1 feels kinda lonely. With that said, it’s still one fantastic plugin.

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