Halion vs Vengeance Avenger


now that Vengeance introduced their new upcoming Synthesizer and all the sound creation features, I’ve noticed there are a lot of features which could be implemented in Halion too! There are so many features which Halion still does not have, like playing a sample and loop a certain part of the sample and after releasing the key it should finish the looping and continue playing the sample until the and of it! Halion does not do that!? Also when usin a pre-clap sample, how to set the samples pre-seconds, to play exactly on the two and four even if it has pre-seconds. Avenger hast that feature and it does it perfect!

Steinberg I really can’t wait for the next Halion Update! And I hope it will be revolutionary!

Well, have you tried the “Loop until release” mode? That’s exactly what it does.

And for the pre-clap…You could do it in the “Track Delay” directly in the MIDI Track in Cubase. Currently I don’t see any way to do this in HALion itself.

…if the AMP envelope doesn’t cut it.

Just add a layer with the Drum Player MIDI Module and trigger the sample on the two and the four :wink: