Halion VST in DAW?

Just installed Dorico Pro 3.5 w Halion Sound Library.
Can I access the sounds in a DAW (in my case Logic Pro X)?


Welcome to the forum, David.

Yes, Dorico uses HALion Sonic SE to play all the sounds. HALion Sonic SE comes as both, VST3 and AU plug-in, so also Logic should be able to load it.

This is what I thought. But it doesn’t show up in Logic.

Did some Googling and found info about AU-plugins. Seems that I should be looking for a file with the .component file extension. I can’t find it on my computer. Maybe it’s not included? I have copied HALion Sonic SE.vst3 to the Plugins folder, but nothing happens.

Does Logic expect you to set a path to the plug-in? Where are the rest of your Logic VST plug-ins located?

I could be wrong, but I’m not convinced that the HALion trhat comes with Dorico includes the AU plug-in. (Nor the standalone HALion app.)

I think you have to download the HALion Sonic SE 3 package – under VST Instruments and plug-ins in the Steinberg Download Assistant. You can also find it on the Support > Downloads webpage if you’d rather not get involved with the SDA.

This may, in turn, require a (free) licence, which you’ll need to request from Steinberg.

Ben is right, please fetch the installer for just HALion Sonic SE and there you will have the option to also install the AU version.
And as long as the Dorico license is around, you don’t need an extra license for it.

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I suspected this was the case installing together with Dorico.
If I run as AU plugin, will I still be able to use the same sound library as in Dorico?

Yes, you get the full HALion samples in Logic.

Works fine!
Now I just have to find my way around in Halion.
In Dorico I get the right instrument through setting up the score.
In Logic I will have to find it for myself I guess, or are there some smooth way if I want the same sounds if I, for example, do an MIDI or XML export from Dorico?

If you export MIDI from Dorico it will include all controllers, keyswitches etc. that it plays during playback, but you’ll still need to manually reassign the same sounds in HSSE within Logic to replicate the same playback. The MIDI file itself doesn’t have any way of specifying what virtual instrument and/or patch should be used to play it back.

Ok! That’s great. Maybe I will find out but do articulations/dynamics in Dorico in some way change the sounds in Halion with program change or is it just changes within the chosen sound?

All of the changes that Dorico will do by itself with the supplied sounds change keyswitches and controllers within the current patch, rather than changing to different patches altogether.

Good stuff, thanks!

I’ve wondered about this… I couldn’t get halion to show up in studio one the last time I tried (a while ago, admittedly). I’ll try the full installer.