HALION window disappears

When I start a new project the Halion window appears. However, after I’ve edited a project the Halion window disappears and I can’t get it back.

If I have a two projects open at the same time, a new one and an old one, the Halion window appears when I go to the new project, but disappears when I go to the old project.

I want to be able to change some sounds in a project I’ve been editing for a week or so. How can I get the Halion window to appear?

In Play mode, in the right hand panel, click the “e” icon next to “Halion Sonic SE”. That should display the Halion window.

Sometimes the Halion window gets hidden behind the main Dorico window. Try minimizing the main window if you can’t see it.

Yes that made it appear. Thank you. However, it was not hidden before, it simply was not there. This happens to all my projects after I’ve edited them a couple times. Only when I create a new project does the Halion window appear.

Once I opened the Halion window as you suggested - none of the sounds were loaded and when I went to play the music, nothing sounded. However, before I opened Halion, everything played as it was supposed to.

Then . . . under Multi Program Rack, I selected each sound to line up with my players/instruments and all is well now. But why did I have to do that? Am I missing something?

Sorry I don’t know anything about Halion and how sounds work in Dorico. Is there a resource I can read up on?

I believe the issue might stem from the idea of “activating” playback.

When switching between files, Dorico only keeps 1 file activated for playback at a time. In the transport bar, in the upper right, where the play button is, is what appears to be a power button. That is the “activate” button.

Does your problem fix, if you activate the project you want?


If the activate button doesn’t fix it, there is also an item in the play menu that is at the bottom… says something like “Apply default” something. Try doing that, and see if your problem persists.


Thanks Robby, the power button comes on automatically when I switch an open project. In fact while the project is open and in the foreground you can’t shut it off.

Halion will appear when I click the “e” button. I guess this is the proper behaviour. And “Apply default playback template” seems to do what it’s supposed to. Thanks for your help. The learning curve is steep some days. :wink: