halion with-in Cubase

Whenever I use the halion synth, it starts out ok, then when I take my fingers off the midi controller it keeps recording a drone of notes over and over, it never stops. When i play it back, it just sounds like a bad dream. I turn the attack way back and the release way back, It works at first, then starts all over again.It produces a line that is continuous. Very frustrating. the more notes i play the more lines it adds to the track that i did not play, very strange and very annoying. It’s a great feature to have this synth, BUT NOT LIKE THIS. any thoughts on this???, thanks, Steve…by the way it took me 2 days to get on here. It kept saying user name and password already in use. WELL GUESS WHAT, yes it’s in use, because ITS ME, I had to create a new account using my wifes name to post this, It was like trying to get into FORT KNOX. geez

Yikes! Sounds like you need to contact tech support for this Halion issue Steve.