How do I remove HALion symphonic orchestra from my system ??? :question:

Hi Dechoname,

it would be very useful to know which operating system you have installed in order to help.

And which version of the HALion Symphonic Orchestra, the full version or the HALion Symphonic Orchestra VST Sound Instrument Set 16-Bit?

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It is windows 7

On the installation cd is written VST sound instrument set.

So, … nobody knows, not a stupid question after all.


open the Windows Control Panel and then use the Windows “Programs and features” Tool in order to un- install it.
You will find it there (Steinberg HALion Symphonic Orchestra…) and can remove it like any other application.

It is a very common thing to remove an application that way in Windows and elemental knowledge…that is maybe why nobody answered.



Sorry, I did not know to look there, found it.

But even worse, my research in the forum comes up with the knowledge that I have never used it because I did not know where to look for it so I didn’t find it. It seems to appear as a VST instrument in HALion 4.

Now my time has expired and I don’t even know how it sounds like. It does not show up in the list any more.

There is a Halion 4 in my Cubase and a there is also a Halion sonic se and in the Halion 4 box appears also the Halion Sonics stuff and there is a pro and an artist and a basic and factory settings and, … o my God, ones there was also Halion Symphonic orchestra that seems to have a second name HSO, how could I be such a dummie that I didn’t know that. To bad, your time to find out has been expired. Try Vienna Symphonic next time.

To my simple mind there is an A and a B But for the Cubase team there is an AAAABBB and a BBBAAA and a BAB and thank God, there is also ABBA.

Experimenting around with Halion, choosing instruments and sound from Halion artist, pro, basic factory settings Cubase was so excited I’ve learned a little bit more about it that it was so kind to crash and close down on my. Reboot and try again.

But anyway, thanks for responding Marcus.

Hi Dechoname,

I recommend to use the HALion 4 for all of the purposes, it is normally the best way to learn the functions and editing possibility of the Content sets and Presets.



steinberg holds things into the appdata folders that are hidden in your hard drive. its like a temp/storage log.

not sure if this aids you but if you want to get rid of everything this might