HALion3 for 32 bit recommends 3.3.2...

I just got a new PC (Windows 7, 32 bit) and I’m reloading everything from scratch. I was running HALion 3 version 3.3.2, but my original purchased product is 3.1 and I can’t find the 3.3.2 update anywhere on my hard drive. Is there anywhere I can download the 3.3.2 update? Thanks!


Thanks C.LYDE for the link, but that’s for the 3.5.593 version. In the Version History PDF file they recommend 32-Bit users to use the HALion 3.3.2 version, which they have no link for. After going through some old DVDs I used to back up files I finally found a backup I made of 3.3.2 which I’ll stay with until I go 64-bit.

That link no longer works - is there a new one for downloads? Will Halion 3 work with Windows 8/64 bit? I’m wondering if I can use Halion 3 on new computer while I wait for update to Halion 5.

ftp://ftp.steinberg.net/Download/VSTi_HALion_3/ gives you all Halion 3 updates.

Will it work in Win8-64? Probably - I’m running Halion 2 in W8-64 !