Halion4 and Vista anyone..?

Thinking of d/loading the trial; it says its Win7 (only). I won’t bother unless any of you folk can advise me otherwise…

Much appreciated,


You should be fine as Vista is closer to Win7 than XP and many have it running on XP just fine.

Thanks; the ‘running on XP fine…’ did it. As such, think I’ll give it a go - besides, seeing as I’ve no plans to upgrade to Win7 anytime soon (if it ain’t broke, etc…!), got to test the limits of how far Vista will (eventually) run for me… :slight_smile:


Sounds good to me. Let us know how you fare.

Haven’t tested H4 on Vista specifically, but assuming that the underlying sample engine is the same as used by HALion Sonic SE that comes bundled with Cubase Elements 6, and given that these both run fine on Vista (at least on one machine I use), I think you’d be OK.

Steinberg don’t say it won’t work, just that they haven’t the resources to test products under older versions of Windows and therefore won’t support it under anything other than Windows 7. You can always try turning to the folks on the forum regardless of what you manage to get it running on though!