Halion5 key commands

Hello all.
I use Halion5 srtandalone as a VST instrument playing live in a band.
I have created multiprograms.
Little is convenient mouse clicks in a small point, which open multiprograms.
Is it possible to make a new ‘key command’ to open multiprograms?
Something like it is in all such programs. CTRL + O = ‘open’.

Question 2.
Is it possible to increase the font that displays the name multiprograms?
I have a laptop with a small screen and poor eyesight.
Handy to a larger font in the window in which open multis.
I know it can do this by reducing the screen resolution in the system, but is failing because then the whole window Halion5 not fit on the screen.

Thank you for the advice.

It doesn’t look like there is a key command for opening programs.

Maybe you can tag you multi programs and set up the Halion media bay to only display the ones you are using.

Halion can’t increase font size like Kontakt, but have you tried going to Windows Control Panel => Display and changing the Windows font instead of changing resolution?

Thnx much.


Hi Bolbou1,
since the appearance of HALion 6 / HALion Sonic 3 , if not earlier, HALion Sonic 3 should be your choice when playing live in a band. The “Multi Chain” feature known from HALion Sonic 2 gives you the possibility to step thru multi-programs via a defined MIDI-controller and/or via a program-change (option page).
Now with HALion 6 you can even create your own vstsound files with your own samples, that can be loaded into HALion Sonic 3 for the use on stage.

best regards
Gerrit Junge