Halion6.1 update cause playback errors

Halion6.1 update …HI i’am having a problem whit playback of my projects ;they sound like they-er out of tune in some parts .

i’am using flexphrased f strat is one of them . so i went back to 6.0.15 i’am OK i’ll will wait for next update …just can’t used this one… :sunglasses:

Hi popajoe,
can you perhaps provide a preset or project that shows that behaviour?

best regards
Gerrit Junge

I think he’s talking about the FlexPhrased Funky Strat. This is a Halion Sonic SE preset that uses some of the Halion Sonic stock Phrases.

It does sound a bit off using the 6.1.0 update, but I don’t remember how it used to sound in 6.0.15.

hi yes it’s FlexPhrased Funky Strat. i check it’s Halion6 version i’am using work’s great.

don’t know how to send you my FL project but you are welcome to use my PC to test it if that’s OK whit you

Hi’ the new updated 6.1.10 FlexPhrased Funky Strat it still has the same problem in playback …did notice that in first play of a 8 bar loop whit trigger pad changes it’s plays OK second play error comes in then OK on 3rth then OK on 4th…
it keeps doing this …i hopes that helps you…

Hi’ the new updated 6.1.15 FlexPhrased Funky Strat it still has the same problem in playback

thanks i downloaded the last update of Halion …it work’s great… change’s a few note placement’s…ok…nice…very…good job…i just had too make sure …thank you all…again… :smiley: