HALion6 - Accessing older Libraries


I am currently a Pro Tools Ultimate user with a multi-HDX card system (PT 2020-09 on Mojave, Mac Pro 12Core, EB7 Chassis). I am presently working with a co-producer that creates using Cubase 6 and the built in HALion SONIC SE sounds. I need to take his midi and develop it further in my world to refine parts, rearrange, velocities, etc, but I wish to use the same sounds, for the most part. I have all the midi and his patch lists. . . and thought I could do so with HALion6, but it seems HALion6 is missing many of the main sounds he is using, examples include, but are not limitied to, the following:

  • Soft Tonewheels

  • Carpet Layer

  • Sparkle World

  • Rich And Famous

I did contact Steinberg support and got a quick reply that many sounds in the library are not carried forward to new versions. To me that is a recipe for disaster. Music creators that are serious need to move our projects forward across software versions. Growing a library over time just makes a product more inviting, and I doubt it is a big deal to update libraries to newer standards, as may be required. I am hoping the support person does not know the whole story and that there is more to this . . . I need to learn of the best way to collect up old libraries to make HALion6 AAX complete with older sounds. Hoping someone has the answers.

Please advise. Thanks!

Onaside, I was originally a Pro24 (ATARI 1040ST) and then a Cubase user in the 90’s, and loved Cubase, just could not wait for Native Audio to be viable, so I had to move to Pro Tools. I still think Cubase was the best platform in so many ways, and also love and still use WAVELab often. I fondly remember speaking with Wolfgang and Stephen at NAMM many times back in that era. Good times!

HALion Sonic SE3 is a free product, you just have to register for a license code:
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