Halion6 error every time I close it

Hi, every time I close the HALion 6 stand alone app it asks me to save on and close. If I press that button it doesn’t close but gives me the message attached

Also Halion doesn’t find my output device (headphone).
And it crashed a few times while applying samples to keys.
The whole program seems quite buggy to me.
I’m using an 16inch macbook pro first generation, with big sur - the problem with safe on quit happened already with catalina.

A new version with a number of bug fixes just came out: 6.4.30
Try installing that and seeing if it helps.

I use this last version from May. Just installed it again. No change. Also, when I use the menu “About halion 6 standalone” nothing appears and I even can’t quit hallion anymore - have to force-quit.
Something seems to be really weird with this program.

6.4.30 just came out yesterday.