Halion6 error every time I close it

Hi, every time I close the HALion 6 stand alone app it asks me to save on and close. If I press that button it doesn’t close but gives me the message attached

Also Halion doesn’t find my output device (headphone).
And it crashed a few times while applying samples to keys.
The whole program seems quite buggy to me.
I’m using an 16inch macbook pro first generation, with big sur - the problem with safe on quit happened already with catalina.

A new version with a number of bug fixes just came out: 6.4.30
Try installing that and seeing if it helps.

I use this last version from May. Just installed it again. No change. Also, when I use the menu “About halion 6 standalone” nothing appears and I even can’t quit hallion anymore - have to force-quit.
Something seems to be really weird with this program.

6.4.30 just came out yesterday.

I installed the last version but where do I find the info which version it is? If I open the stand alone HALion 6.app (Mac) and then the menu about nothing happens. If I get the info in the mac finder it shows Version and changed June 10th 2021. - just downloaded and installed again - no change. except in the finder info is says changed June 21st now

Click where it says Halion6 in large block letters in the upper left corner and the splash screen displays with the version in the lower left corner (I’m on a PC so could be a little different on Mac).

I’m guessing going by your date versus mine that the PC changes were finished back at the end of April, but the Mac version wasn’t ready until June. Looking at your info, you already have the latest version. I don’t know what else I can tell you. You should probably enter a support request with Steinberg at this point.

Thanks, I have lates version and made a support request!

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