HALion6 "instrument" compatibility with SE

I Googled this and strangely couldn’t find an answer to what I think is a commonly asked question.

Let’s say I create an instrument with HALion6 using various types of the fancy filters etc (ie, those not contained in SE), can the other person still use these filters and instrument (assuming they don’t have HALion6 or Sonic 3, and only SE). The key, from what I read, is they must be included on the macro page or QC.

I’ve watched a ton of videos recently on creating instruments and I’ve never heard this mentioned, however a friend has just cautioned me on it.

SE version can do pretty much everything that Halion 6 can. But there’s not much you can edit in SE version. So if you want to provide the user with some options or editing capabilities you need to connect those to macro page or quick controls.

Great, thanks for clarifying. This is exactly as I expected. I’ll inform my friend.