Halion6 Library

Hi, I just upgraded from HalionSonic3 to Halion6. It installed successfully. However, the massive library downloaded to my C drive and I can’t find the Halion6 library listed in the Library Manager so I can successfully move it to a different location. How do I do this without losing the relationship between Halion6 and it’s contents?

How does the many gigabytes of HALion 6 content I downloaded actually end up using NONE of that content, names them “HALion 4 Factory Content” in the Steinberg Library Manager?

So, it must use the HALion Sonic 3 libraries I already had loaded, correct? I wish I had known that before I spent hours downloading all of that…whew!!

There is a small amount of additional content in HALion 6 compared to HALion Sonic 3. However, most of the content is the same between the two products - the main difference is that you have the additional features of the HALion 6 instrument.