Halion6 lost SOME of my instruments/programs, loadable but not searchable (!?)

Haven’t used Halion6 in quite a while, but now as I re-arrange an old project of mine on a new PC it seems that I can’t find some (!) of the programs that I used in my original project.

I can load the old projects in Cubase and load Halion and those Halion programs alright, I can also - this is my workaround - save a multi with those programs and rearrange the slots so that they fit the Halion instance of my new project.

But how is it possible that I can load a program and not find it in the directory?
It happened to me with “Electro Pizzicato” and “Tambur Voices” if anyone happens to recognize them.

My guess is that there’s some problem with an index or the programs are missing, but not the samples?? I had my directory manager point to the correct hard drive and folders, but now I’m at the end of my wits.

Please, if anyone is an expert at Halion6 (I’m obviously not), I’d appreciate the help.