HALion6 - missing sounds old sounds


I am currently a Pro Tools Ultimate user (MAC Mojave), but have a co-producer I work with that is exclusively Cubase, but he is way back on Cubase version 6 (Mac). I need to refine some parts he is contributing to the project and was hoping to do so by using HALion6 as an AAX plugin within Pro Tools. However it seems most of the sounds that he uses are not in the sound library that comes with HALion6. I would have expected Steinberg to keep old sounds around, from his HALion Sonic SE, and we also expected the HALion6 library to be more extensive and include the Cubase sounds. What are we missing?

Some examples of sounds I could not find are:

  • Soft Tonewheels

  • Carpet Layer

  • Sparkle Word

  • Rich And Famous

Hoping for some insights on how to become “HALion compatible” with the Steinberg Cubase user.

Also, curious if there is a way to transfer patches from his system to mine.