Halion6 not triggering sound with external midi controller

Halion6 works fine as VSTi in Cubase 9.52. My Yamaha Motif6 is set up as a external MIDI control surface, and correctly triggers sounds in Halion6. Set to Motif port 1, channel all.

Originally using Halion6 as a stand-alone worked correctly with sounds being triggered through the Motif port 1 , all channels. Now recently in the standalone version, same setup, I can clearly see MIDI info coming through to Halion6, but no sound. The little midi info light lights correctly when pressing any key on the Motif. The virtual Halion6 keyboard works correctly when I use the mouse to trigger them. While I hear sound when using the virtual keyboard, I hear nothing with the Motif keyboard, despite the midi info light shining ever so bright.

What am I missing here? Seems some disconnect in Halion6. The exact same setup using Zeta +2 as a stand alone synth works just fine with the Motif keyboard.