Halion6 presets defaulting to 3 star rating

I have deleted all star ratings from the presets in all Halion6 instrument sets, so that I can decide for myself what star rating I should give each preset, as and when I try them.
This seemed to work well for a while, but now, when I move off a preset to try another one, Halion6 automatically gives the previous preset a 3 star rating. I can’t remember changing any configuration to cause this.
Is there a way of preventing this, because it is a pain to have to go back and delete / amend the 3 star rating?

Agree I hate that the default is 3 stars, it should be blank (and not just Halion, it’s anything that can get rated). I tried deleting them all some years ago, but as new items were added or tweaked the 3 stars kept creeping back in.

I tried for awhile to use a custom Field in Media Bay for my own ratings. But that added just enough hassle that I didn’t really use it. But your mileage might vary for something like that.

Eventually I just gave up and use the stars. But I only rate things with 0, 4 or 5 stars. Anything with 1, 2 or 3 stars counts as 0 which indicates Unrated, 5 means it has been used in something and 4 means I liked it but haven’t actually used it, so stuff with potential.


Thanks Raino,
That’s great advice and I’ll follow your method from now on.
I’ll also add this to the features request thread, if it isn’t already there.
Jonathan :slight_smile: