Halion6: Program and Bank Change from a contrôler?

Hi to All,
I would like to use Halion on standalone for live cessions , and I would like to change my sound/patches from a list from my external midi keyboard/controler .
I would like to use the Number (0…63) of program change from my controler (Novation 61SL Mk3) on channel 16.
This is working fine with an Ipad connected to my controler, and other Synth app.: That means the program change message is working fine from my controller, and checked also on my Pc with MidiView Ap .
Is is function working with Halion6 on standalone, if yes, How to ?
Is bank change avaible also via midi ?
The actual info on Steinberg Help is realy not clear, and not sure is possible…
Tks for your advices, links, …

It does work if you enable Program Changes in Options tab. But it is channel dependent. If you send the program change on channel 16 it will change the program slots that are set to channel 16.

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Yes for program changes. Yes, it is channel independent.

As far as I know, H6 ignores bank change events even though an instrument bank can have more than 128 programs.

Thanks for your help.
Now the program change is affecting Hallion:
Highlighting the n° of the program on the list, and then generating but just creating 4 instancies of the program N° with midi channel affected to A16, B16, C16, D16 ??? strange to me.
What I need in one example:
1 sound on slot rack 1 , operated by Midi channel 1
1 sound diffrent on slot rack 2, operated by Midi channel 1
If program change received is “1”, only the slot 1 is activated, and still operated by channel 1 (my main keyboard)
If program change received is “2”, only the slot 2 is activated
and still operated by channel 1 (my main keyboard)
I just want the select the sound on a list, but still operated by my Keyboard on midi Channel 1
tks if you can help

Just below example how it works before/after receiving a N°2 program change via Channel 16 (Strange to me)

You need to send the program change on channel 1. There is no way around this.

What’s happening is that Halion has 4 midi input ports. Each of them having 16 midi channel. When you send the program change on channel 16 all ports respond to that. You can change that in preferences simply by setting port A to all midi inputs and all other ports to not connected.

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Thanks for your Help, now it is clear to me how it works. (better your help than the manuals …)
When Halion is running inside Cubase, it works as expected now :slight_smile:
but the strange comportement described above is when Halion 6 is on Stand alone mode …
Your replies helps !

Yes, because in Cubase the midi track channel overides the the original midi event channel. Unless you set it to “Any”. In that case the midi events are sent on the original channel.

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