Halion6 versus Grand3

I have the Steinberg Grand 3 piano.I wonder if the new Pianos - Eagle and Raven Grand are better.

Not ‘better’ in terms of sound quality, but there are presets in H6 for both pianos for various styles of music and playing that IMHO add versatility over the Grand3, which has Eq and reverb only. For example, one of the presets is a ‘tack’ piano which is quite nice. In addition, the H6 adds the arpeggiator and filters which expands the musical capability of the piano sound.

I was wondering the same thing. The new Eagle and Raven sets do give some nice functionality but I’m still liking the old factory content presets better (EX: Bright Natural Grand and Dark Grand, at least for my style of music). It would be nice to have a Piano soundest that sounds bigger, more natural, maybe something with more sample layers?

I was thinking about purchasing “The Grand” but if the sound quality is equal to what’s already in HALion I guess I’ll just need to experiment with creating some of my own multi layered Piano presets (and probably more importantly work on my technique because I’m by no means a very good piano player…)

I can only speak for myself. But The Grand as well es the new Pianos in Halion 6 are amongst the worst virtual pianos I played. I have heard that Sampletekk are involved somehow, so I don’t wonder about it, the sampletekk ones I bought I have erased from my HD after purchase, as there were no demos and no licence transfer allowed.
Must be one of the only times I simply erased something i payed good money for.

I use the virtual pianos mostly for live playing, and for me TruePianos is still unbeaten in terms of playability.

The Grand as well es the new Pianos in Halion 6 are amongst the worst virtual pianos I played.

i have to agree…at least about the HALion pianos. There is simply no realistic sustain…making just playing them an annoying endeavor. Shiny but worthless baubles to pad the feature list, in my opinion.