Halion7 Batch Import problem or a bug?

I am trying to import several old Kontakt 4 patches and trying to use the Batch Import function. I am testing with just one patch, but want to do complete folders with 100+ Kontakt patches.

In the dialog that opens up I specify my L: drive and define category and Library, see below screen shot. BUT, it ends up in a folder that HALion makes under: C:\Users<USER>\Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\HALion 7\Program\Imported\2023-12-16.
It is also missing the Library Name and Category that I defined in the dialog.
It plays fine and all but gets placed on the wrong drive and missing the info.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug in the Batch Import function?

Oh, the Library Name etc DO get set, my bad, BUT it does NOT save in the defined Destination Folder. Please advice.

The destination folder is where the samples go. The presets ALWAYS go to the ‘Imported’ folder inside Halion’s VST presets folder.

I would recommend moving the presets after each import too, otherwise the next thing you import is going to throw everything into the same folder and you’re going to end up with a mess of unorganized presets.

If you move the preset as you say, don’t you mess up Media Browser and it can no longer find it. So you re-import the preset, but now have two. One ghost and that actually works?

I’m really interested to find best practice here BEFORE I add hundreds of presets. The manual does not adress this properly.

Nah as long as you don’t move the samples, you can organize the presets however you see fit. If you ever move the samples they’re linked to, THEN you’ll break things. If you move something, Mediabay will adjust itself, it’s just a bit slow sometimes. Mediabay only relies on the tags, so the folder structure doesn’t matter underneath as long as its in the Presets folder.

Never done a Kontakt library, but when I do an Akai disc, samples go to my Media drive in a Halion folder, and the presets end up in that ‘Imported’ folder. After I do each disc, I’ll go move all the presets into their own folder named after the library, and put them in the root Halion preset folder with everything else. Otherwise, it will import the entire next disc into the same Imported folder and make a mess of everything.

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The patches I converted all had wav files and basic Kontakt nki. What happened was, the wav files didn’t move. So I erased everything, moved the wav to where I want them. Then converted again. Copied the new HALion patches to where I want them. Removed the imported HALion patches. Then reimported the copied HALion patches into mediabay. A few steps indeed but now it works.

Do you have any ideas for adding a bus with a few effects to 200+ patches easily? They are all old dry sampler patches.

Oh man, I think you may have to do that one by one hah. If you’re talking about a channel strip, you can make a preset of the channel strip, but if you want to add effects directly in Halion’s busses, I think you need to do that one patch at a time.

You could use script to copy effects between loaded programs. The Program Table lets you load 128 programs at a time. You could add effects to one program then add script that would copy the effects. Remove the script and save all programs. Well, that’s the theory…

ins = this.program.instance
fx = this.program:findEffects()

for i = 1, 128 do
	local program = ins:getProgram(i)

	if program and program ~= this.program then
		local currentFx = program:findEffects()
		-- remove effects if any
		for _, effect in ipairs(currentFx) do
		-- copy effects
		for _, effect in ipairs(fx) do
			local effectCopy = clone(effect)
		print(program.name, "done")

This should work for effects on Program-Bus.


I mean a program bus in the HALion preset. I haven’t found a way to save the whole bus FX chain, only individual fx settings.

Interesting idea. If perfected and if possible it could perhaps also load the fx presets, and maybe even asssign QCs to generic positions like filter cutoff, reverb mix level, etc? Worth some exploring. Thanks.