Halion7 Library-- Whats in there?

Thinking about upgrading to Halion7 from the HalionSE version that came with Nuendo12. It says that it has more outputs for the individual tracks within Halion and, most importantly, it says they go from being stereo outs to up to 6-channel outs. That seems very useful because I’m looking to use it in 7.1.4
I added Iconica Ensemble today and it seems that would make it more useful.
I assume there’s also a bigger library that comes with Halion7. Just wondering if anyone can fill me in a little on what’s actually in there.
Also, is there anymore to the upgrade other than a bigger library and better output options?

You can check what’s included here. One thing to note is that you cannot upgrade from the SE version included with Cubase or Nuendo so you would need to buy the full version.

Thanks, but I know. I meant “upgrade” simply as it being an upgrade, not in reference to a discount. Halion7 is fairly cheap to begin with and Bing gives me a 15%-off discount code everytime I visit the site from the browser on top of that, so the price isn’t a big concern.

What I was hoping for is some first hand experience feedback. Like
“Its mostly strings that don’t sound real and a bunch of bs I never use. If strings is what you want, shell out for Opus.”
“I make several hiphop/pop beats every week and, other than drums, its pretty much the only VSTi I need to use. Bass, orchestral brass & strings, synths, piano, guitar… There’s so many pro-level realistic sample-based options in there that you won’t need to add another expansion, but you’ll want to because they’re so good.”

That type of thing. Honest, well informed feedback that comes from personal experience; as opposed to marketing.

Halion SE is more of a player type thing, where with Halion 7, you can get much deeper into programming individual sounds and libraries and so on.
7 has more sounds for sure, but I’m not sure exactly what the differences are.

It sounds like you’re more looking for instruments or presets, so you might also consider Halion
Sonic 7 Collection which gives you all of the Halion7 sounds, but without all the programming features. The Sonic 7 Collection also costs a bit less than Halion 7.

You can compare the differences in the chart listed above.

Not really interested in presets. I have to shape every little sound. I just want the banks of sampled sounds in order to build my own multi-output/multi midi-input instruments and sections. Not every task is a big enough deal to bring in session musicians and not every client cam afford it (these days, Id go as far as to say most can’t), so the more instruments in the library the better.
I definitely would love more controls. Thanks for the response. You’ve made snagging H7 an easier decision