HalionOne: Cannot find or locate Preset "..."!

I had to replace my 2nd HD (containing a partition only for VST Sounds and VSTPlugins -contents).
Now this partition has a different drive-letter compared to the old disk (for some reason).

I restored all the files from an older backup and from the C6-CD (additional content) into this partition.

Everything is fine - just HalionOne cannot load presets now
(when selecting HO, click presets, click anything in mediaby):
-> HalionOne: Cannot find or locate Preset “…”!

(I already changed some xml-files to the correct path-name)

So my question is to you: where is the information stored for cubase to locate HO-presets ?
thank you.

Have you had MediaBay rescan the drive locations?
If not, that should do the trick.

thank you for your very fast answer!
BUT: nothing changed… (because presets are not found - on the never changed 1st HD) :frowning:

Now you have a new drive, with a letter that didn’t exist before if I understand correctly. So in Media Bay, you have to “check” that drive so it will now include that drive in it’s scan. Maybe I am misunderstanding. Don’t just have it rescan the same locations as before, but “redefine” where it scans for presets to include the new drive.
Sorry if I am still no help and not getting your explanation.
Sorry, I just remembered the HALion One presets are NOT in Cubase 6. You have to install them from your CUbase 5 discs. Then copy them to the user presets as explained in the knowledge base article.
But to answer your questions, “where are the HO presets stored” for Cubase 6 and HO, the Knowledge base article tells you where they need to be.

thank you J.L. - I will try to install from C5.
I did the thing with mediabay already, but you know, on the drive that I changed, there is only the content and not the presets.
Anyway, thank you for your help :slight_smile:

with thousands of people obviously having the same problem with loading issues, and have been for years, why the hell don’t steinburg sort it out! I have recently purchase cubase and spent so much time tying to sort out loading problems,been on forums, waited for a reply from Steinberg, that i have uninstalled it and chucked in a draw. What a total waste of money!! I have never had a problem like this with any daw that I’ve used and i use a lot and know what im doing.