HalionOne found 0 preset

HalionOne found 0 preset. I also have Le 4 installed.



If you use Cubase 6 Halion One is just there for loading older projects,
that it was a part of, correctly.

But the Kits are not displayed anymore. You can find all the stuff in Halion
Sonic SE. There is a workaround for the Halion One in the german forum,
but it really doesn’t make any sense.

If HALion One is showing up as a plug-in in Artist 6.5.4, it is there from a previous version of Cubase (most likely LE4?).

Best guess is that CA6.5.4 Doesn’t know where the old presets were stored because the Media Bay hasn’t been pointed to and refreshed the correct location.

You don’t specify the platform you’re on. Where and how this works on a PC would be better served if answered by someone familiar with that system. I can only speak for the Mac location of H1’s content. On a Mac, it’s here: HD/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content.

That’s where the H1 stuff is stored. However, quite a number of non-H1 preset items are stored in the enclosing Steinberg folder.

So, my advice would be to navigate from MediaBay, to the Steinberg folder, uncheck it, then recheck it and let the MediaBay refresh the whole thing. When done, you should be able to access all the H1 presets.

But the Kits are not displayed anymore.

Incidentally, all the Drumkits will show up in 6.5.4 (at least they do on a Mac) if this is done correctly.

All the stuff has been moved to HSSE.
We already discussed this in another thread.
If you load an old project from C5 for example.
Halion One will have the presets loaded that were used
in that project. It’s just there for comatibility of old projects.

Best regards.

All the stuff has been moved to HSSE.

Yes, I know. The OPs question, however deals specifically with the lack of H1 presets being displayed within H1. If the plug-in has launched due to an old Project file and he’d like to keep running it (rather than switching over to HSSE) and change a preset, then updating MediaBay should do the trick. And the kits do show up in H1.

Bottom line is, if H1’s presets are missing, it is quite possible other things might be missing as well because Media Bay hasn’t been refreshed. Pointing the OP to open MediaBay and refresh it’s database seems like a reasonable suggestion overall.

just sayin’…