HalionOne Notes Sticking

I hope this is the right place for this. There have been known issues with H1 notes that stick. I’m still experiencing this problem. Has this been resolved? Did I miss something? I did upgrade to 5.5.3 and it happens there too.
Win7x64 - Cubase 5.5.3x32

Is there a User manual For Halionone?

There is a Plugin Reference Manual thats part of the documentation. Help > Documentation > Plugin Reference inside of Cubase. Very basic though.

this happens to me all the time as well, I was just about to post about it. It seems to happen in a random fashion. If this issue was resolved please let me know!

There is KB article on this here:


I tried it but I still have the same problem. Your result may be different. I haven’t pursued it further although it’s very annoying. I think it’s an issue SB has made some attempts to address but in the end not come up with a solution. I hope it works for you.