HalionOne now missing-what do I do?

Hi folks,
I have several old projects that used HalionOne (Cubase 5.5). I just opened one up and realized that I no longer have HalionOne on my system (I’m now on 7.5). Research shows that it has been replaced by Sonic. My question is how do I now find out what patch I was using on this old project? Does Sonic just have all the old HalionOne patches?

Aloha m,


Does Sonic just have all the old HalionOne patches?

No. I had to change everything over when Cubase moved to using HalionSonic.

So after reading yer post I went to the MySteinberg site and I too
could not find HalionOne for download.
I looked under the ‘Downloads Software’ tab and the ‘Unsupported Products’ tab
and nada.

So unless you can get someone to send you a copy, you may be out of luck on this one.
And even if you do get it, will HalionOne even work with your current version of Cubase (C7.5)?
dunno. There might be some 32bit/64bit/VST Bridge weirdness going on.

you did not say what hardware gear you are using. (PC/Mac)
Might help is someone is willing to give you a copy to try it out.

Good Luck!

Thanks for the reply. I’m on a mac. Running 64 bit, but I wouldn’t mind switching over to 32 bit to open the old project and at least hearing how the patch sounded and then recreating it in sonic or some other synth-sadly, some of these projects are that old that I don’t even remember how they are supposed to sound. One of the old ones, I did see a VST folder under the HalionOne folder labeled “bassoon”, so that got me in the right direction.

I also emailed Steinberg directly to see if they have any advice. I must have the old 5.5 discs around here somewhere, so maybe I can reinstall them. I hope I didn’t throw them out or something after switching to the 7.5 download. :-/

…that actually got me thinking, I might just still have 5.5 installed on my old computer…hmmmm…