Halionone sounds

Does anyone have information as to where one could get a user manual or at least a list of presets that are available in the latest version of Halionone. I have Cubase5 as well as Cubase6. The Halionone instrumetn in previous versions of Cubase seem to have had many more sound options that the latest version. HAs anyone else concluded the same?

I do not know if this is useful? there are so many sounds, several thousand, and some with very imaginative name.
so I think that a list of presets is useless. but I understand your concern.


C6 and C5 comes with a separate PDF folder. Go to it and look up the plug in reference file. Halion one is listed in there. May have some useful information!

There are previous posts about this and also a good article in the Steinberg knowledge base. In short, Halion Sonic SE has replaced HalionOne but the latter is kept for backwards compatibility. If you open an old project containing HO:s they will load their patches correctly but they are hidden from view in the sound browser.