HalionOne sounds

Hi there,

I have not used my HalionOne VST instrument for quite a while and I remember it having shakers as one of the instruments. Now when I load it up it seems to only have 46 instruments and no shakers.

Is that right?
If not any ideas on how to get the missing sounds back?


I have M-audio keyrig 25 midi controller and alesis io2 interface and I’m using Cubase AI5 and I’m clueless about how am I going to record midi with sound or virtual instruments. Seems like all of my connections are done wrong and I have no clue how to make an audio track for midi halionone sounds. Only sound I’m getting is Gm Wavesynthlab and that’s just wrong. Please someone help?

First you need to load up the VST instrument into the VST instrument panel. (F11)

This can be triggered by a VST instrument track (connected straight to it) or a midi channel.

However I think you would benefit from reading the chapters on VST instruments and Midi in the manual as they go into all this stuff in great detail there.