halionPresets.xml invalid file format after running 1.2 update


I’ve recently upgraded Dorico to 1.2 on a Win7 and a Win10 machine. on the Win7 machine I now get this error:

C:/Program Files/Steinberg/Dorico/playback/halionPresets.xml invalid file format

Dorico will now not open at all now.

I’ve tried the same install on a Win10 machine, in which I get a similar error saying a “one or more of the components used by Dorico for playback has not been found…” However, this does allow me into the program. I’m not sure which sounds are missing as most sounds seem to be working fine.
I’ve reinstalled Dorico and the Halion files on the Win10 machine from scratch and the same error persisists.

I’ve yet to try a reinstall on the Win7 machine, but I will update when I have.

If it is just that one xml file that is corrupt, then replace it with this one (see attachment).

Regarding the other message about the missing component, you also need to install HALion Symphonic Orchestra (that 6GB download).

But it is not compulsory; as you can see, Dorico runs without it, but then you won’t get any orchestral sounds for playback - at least not by default, you then have to do everything manually and use another 3rd party sound library.


Thanks for you swift reply. Unfortunately I can’t see the attachment. Could you repost this?

Regards to the Win10 error message, both Halion and the Symphonic Orchestra were installed.

halionPresets.zip (23.7 KB)
Sorry, when one talks about an attachment, then one also actually has to do it…here we go now.

Are you absolutely sure that you installed both HALion Sonic SE and HALion Symphonic Library?
Because the message comes when the audio engine can not detect at start-up the presence of one or the other.
If you do get normal playback on orchestral sounds, then you can dismiss the message and tick “Don’t ask me again”, then you will never get reminded again.
Please try with a chamber orchestra template, enter some arbitrary notes and see if they play back properly for all instruments.


I’ll give that ago.

I’m 100% certain all is installed. Dorico 1.1 was working correctly with no error messages. After the update I recieved the above error messaged. I reinstalled both Halion and the Symphonic Orchestra to no avail. I then uninstalled everything and re-installed and still get the same message?! I’ve tried some of the demo songs and they all seem to be playing fine with no instruments missing so far.

If that is the case, then it is fine to tick the “Please don’t ask me again” option and dismiss the error message. After that you won’t get it so see anymore.

That file certainly is essential – it’s not needed when loading existing scores, but will be used if you create a new one or import one from MIDI or MusicXML. We’ve not heard reports of this error before so I wonder if there’s a problem on your system. What I would recommend doing is this:

Thanks for the excellent support. The attached .xml file worked. It did exist on the computer but I wonder if it became corrupt during the upgrade?!

Thanks anyway!

You’re welcome.

Probably too late of a thought, but should you still have the corrupted file, please post it.
Would be interesting to see in what way it was modified.

I have in fact saved it. Please find attached the corrupted file.
halionPresets.zip (24.1 KB)

Thanks Tony. Very interesting, that file looks like in the format from Dorico 1.1.
So it seems that the updater skipped that file and did not update it to the new format that Dorico 1.2 now expects.