HALionSE no valid license (though its installed)

I upgraded from Dorico 2 to 3 and installed the HALionSE sound library. However, when I try to select the HALionSE library in the Playback settings, I get the message that I do not have a valid license (despite it showing in my eLicenser list along with Dorico).

Possibly I missed a step where it needs to be registered or something? (though I was able to open HALion with Dorico 2)

What can I do to get HALionSE to open?

eLicenser recognizes HalionSE but Dorico 3 doesn’t.
Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 1.38.05 AM.png

You don’t need a HALion Sonic SE 3 license – your Dorico 3 license includes all of the entitlements you need for HSSE and the content supplied with Dorico. Is your Dorico Pro 3 or Dorico Elements 3 license on the same eLicenser?

Yes my Dorico 3 license is on the same eLicenser and Dorico opens up fine but not the HALionSE when I try to select it in Play mode.

I’m on Mac OS 10.12.2 running a Hackintosh (Dell 9700, 64G RAM) and have many other eLicenser software (VSL, numerous plugins, etc.) running fine. On another possibly related note, when I leave Dorico running overnight, it will crash and I am unable to restart it as I get an eLicenser error. I have to re-boot the computer and then Dorico will open fine. So as a result, I always have to remember to shut down Dorico at the end of the day. The eLicenser connection seems to get killed on waking the computer. And this happens even if I first open eLicenser and see that all looks well (when in fact it isn’t) - trying to start Dorico will inevitably result in a crash (often it won’t open the audio engine). So re-booting the computer is the only solution even though its somewhat time-consuming often (having to restart all other programs too). Other eLicenser software such as VSL and plugins don’t have this problem.

Would you please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report ? That creates a zip file on your desktop. Please attach here. Thanks.

This time, when I re-boot HALionSE is working. However,in the process of trying to get the Diagnostic Report, there was a strange sequence of events that might point in the direction of the problem. Here’s what happened.

My computer is running and after shutting down Dorico yesterday, I first open eLicenser to make sure all looks OK and I then open Dorico. I get an eLicenser error. It says Dorico LE 3 caused the error (even though I own Dorico 3 and not Dorico LE 3).

Then I re-boot the computer and open up eLicenser again (all looks OK) and I open Dorico 3. Again, I get the same error.

Then I close the above error message and hope Dorico 3 will start. It hangs and never opens.

I force quit Dorico and then try opening it one more time. This time, it starts to recognize the Audio Engine and after this, all goes well. Including being able to open HALionSE.

So each time I try to open Dorico 3, it feels a bit like playing Russian Roulette where I never know whether it will open properly or whether it will require a re-boot and another try. My other eLicenser software doesn’t hang like this and just opens properly. So there is something in Dorico that seems to cause it to sometimes hiccup and not open. Invariably, it has to do with not recognizing the Audio Engine. Once the Audio Engine appears, it seems to be an indicator that all will go well after this.

I’m not sure if the Diagnostic Report is helpful now that Dorico is open and all is working but just in case, here it is. Oops, it doesn’t appear I can add more attachments to this msg so I’ll send the Diagnostic Report in the second message. (…cont.)

Here is the Diagnostic Report.
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (740 KB)

Thanks for the data, it’s still useful.
However, it is very strange that Dorico sometimes starts as Dorico LE.
That basically shows that it could not retrieve the license information at startup.
You have your licenses on a USB eLicenser, right?
With the Dorico installer you also got the latest eLicenser Control Center (and accompanying software) which is now a 64bit application.
But on some machines there seems to be a problem with that 64bit version and the USB dongle, we are working on the problem.
Instead I could provide you with a 32bit version that you could try out and see if it works better with you.
I’ll send you a private mail with login information to my ftp server, where you can grab it.

Ulf, thank you for your quick reply and your help addressing this issue. I have seen the Dorico LE error msg several times and I usually can cancel this and the startup will continue. What seems to cause the startup to hang the most is when the Audio Engine won’t connect. Yes, my eLicenser is on a USB with many other licenses. Could there possibly be too many? Though I’ve been using VSL for years (I have almost the full library) and I don’t ever recall having trouble opening a VSL program or instrument. Given this, it seems unlikely that the current 64-bit app is the problem. However, if you still feel it might make a difference, I’m happy to give it a try. I received your e-mail and will download it. I hope it plays nicely with my other eLicenser apps.

If you have another other suggestions or ideas that might be helpful, please let me know and if I have further information or observations I’ll surely let you know.

The number of licenses shall not matter.
Other than the 64bit issue I can not think of anything else that could be a problem.
Or it is an electrical problem; you could try swapping USB ports.
But it’s definitly worth a try with the 32bit eLicenser, the other licenses won’t bother either.
And you can always return to the 64bit version as well.