HalionSE3 installer?


trying to install SE3. But the installer insists on being an installer for SE2. The download assistant does not agree. I have installed, but there is still only SE2 showing up in Dorico.
What to do?


Sorry for the confusion in the filename – if you downloaded the HSSE3 installer as part of the Dorico Pro 2 product in SDA, then it is the HSSE3 installer, despite its name.

OK, thanks Daniel. That’s what I did so it should be right then.
But when I run Dorico, I get my usual HalionSE2 windows coming up. Do I have to delete some folders to get them repopulated with SE3 or what’s the deal?

Interesting: you should find that HSSE3 overwrites HSSE2, because it’s a shared component in a shared location. Can you take a look and see what version of the HSSE VST plug-in is found in

%CommonProgramFiles%\Steinberg\Shared Components\HALion Sonic SE


If it is the .dll you mean, it is

I reinstalled and now this is what happens (see image).

I ignored it.

You already have the latest version of HSSE3 installed, then. I’m not sure why or even how HSSE2 could be appearing in Dorico.

Well, sometimes the computer works in mysterious ways…
Did I do the right thing to ignore the error message or do I have to take care of those missing files?

The REVerence impulse thing is a bit concerning. I believe those files ought to have been installed by the Dorico installer itself. It might be worth running the Repair option in the Dorico 2 package in Add/Remove Programs to see whether it can fix anything.


I finally got time to try the repair function. It asks for a Dorico2.msi file that seems to having been cleared out after the installation. So I could not do the repair. Instead I reinstalled the whole thing, Dorico 2 and the HalionSE3. I still get the same error message that I attached above. At least the Halion SE3 is showing up.

What should I try next?

(What is DoricoBeep by the way? It sits in the list alongside HalionSE and Symphonic orchestra.)



The vstsound you’re missing is also part of Cubase Pro 9.5 installer package. I believe it’s being used by the Reverence reverb effect in both Cubase and Dorico. If you download the full Cubase installer using the SDA you should find it in Additional Content/VST Sound
folder. Then you could copy the file to where the error message says it should be. If you still get the same message try to “Locate” instead of “Ignore” option.

Thanks Misohoza,

I investigated further and located the file in question. It is actually in the folder that it is supposed to be, where Dorico is looking. If I “locate it” and click it, I still get the same error message.

DoricoBeep is a simple VST instrument that will in due course be used to provide a click track, though I’m not sure when that will be implemented.

Unfortunately I don’t know what else you might do to resolve that error message, and suggest that perhaps you may need to contact technical support via MySteinberg.