HalionSonic losing loaded instruments

I’ve just had the situation where Halion Sonic has been working fine for months, but I’ve returned to some projects from a few days/weeks ago, only to find that the Halion Sonic config has emptied itself. Normally the loaded sounds and configuration parameters are saved with the arrangment, but now I have a few where I need to reload the sounds and tweak them for the song again. Returning to old versions of the arrangements shows that the configs have emptied even in these older files.

Has anybody else experienced this? Any ideas whats causing it? Is it a bug, or something I’m doing without realising it?

Incidentally my old Hypersonic 2 used to sometimes do something similar, hence why I’m wondering if it’s something I’m inadvertently doing.

Is it likely that it’s because I’ve moved the projects to another folder or PC? If it is, then that’s odd, because the instruments/sounds are all there for me to configure manually again.

Hoping I’m not alone.

wow Im having the same issue using FL studio 10 as my DAW. this has happen twice to me and its a bit fustrating to me as i use alot of midi outs with halion sonic and it completely erases the loaded sounds, must be a bug. please update this. its a major issue with me.

As you can see, this thread has not raised many responses, but as work-around, I’ve been making a point of saving my own VST user presets for each HalionSonic instance in each arrangement where I’m using it (once I’ve got the HalionSonic set-up how I want it).

That works fine, but if you move arrangments to another PC, remember that the VST presets are stored in your personal profile (\users\username.…) rather than within the arrangement folder.

Interestingly I’ve also had this occur in the past 24 hours with an older Hypersonic set-up too…

I’m becoming increasingly suspicious that it’s my frequent moving of arrangements between different PCs that’s aggravating this symptom.